Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL: Episode 120
Season 2, Episode unknown
Vital statistics
Rōmaji Unknown
Japanese translation Clash of the Two Kings! An Ancient Duel - Shark vs. Vector
Airdate Unknown
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}} "Clash of the Two Kings! An Ancient Duel - Shark vs. Vector" is the 120th episode of the Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL season 2 anime, first airing in Japan on September 8, 2013.


Yuma is protected from Eliphas' attack thanks to Rainbow Kuriboh. Meanwhile, Shark continues living through Nasch's memories, where he looks after the orphaned girl, Iris, as he goes into battle against Vector. There, Shark is contacted by Rio's spirit, who reminds him his fate is his own to make. Going on his own to face up against Vector, Nasch arrives at the labyrinth he visited before and confronts him in a Shadow Game using stone tablets.

Vector deals a lot of damage to Nasch with his Gorgonic Guardians, but Nasch manages to summon Abyss Splash and defeat him. After the duel, however, Nasch discovers his men, along with Iris, had all been killed as a result of the shadow game, their souls ascending to Barian World. Having seen all of this, Shark comes to accept the truth that he is Nasch, bitterly realizing that Yuma, Astral, and Kite would soon become his enemies. Back in Astral World, Eliphas makes preparations to summon his Rank 13 monster.


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